M112 OHV Supercharger Intake - 4.0 OHV

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Bolt on 80-100HP to your OHV motor with this M112 Supercharger intake kit. This kit includes all of the intake manifold components to adapt a M112 supercharger to your OHV 4 liter Explorer or Ranger. 

Due to the custom nature of this product, you will need to contact GoFastExplorers with your planned application. Additional parts needed are a M112 Supercharger, 40-50lb injectors, and belt. You will need to re locate your coil pack and gas pedal linkage and re route your intake ducting. All parts are available through GoFastExplorers and tuned to your application. Please contact us prior to purchase to plan these details.

Kit Includes

Supercharger Intake Base


Upper & Lower Intake Gaskets

Supercharger Gasket




1991-2001 Explorer 4.0 OHV

1991-2001 Ranger 4.0 OHV

M112 OHV Supercharger Intake - 4.0 OHV
M112 OHV Supercharger Intake - 4.0 OHV