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32" LED Light Bar 4-D Series 180W Combo Spot/Flood

32" LED Light Bar 4-D Series 180W Combo Spot/Flood

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These lights fit perfectly on the front bumper of an Explorer and are about the same width as the grill. These are sourced locally and every light passes through our hands before it's shipped to you. They get the job done at a fraction of the cost of the big names.

Covered by a 1 year warranty - If any issues arise, return your light to us!

  • 32" 4D High output LED light bar combo beam (Spot + Flood) 
  • Extremely bright! Enhanced forward light projection with the new Real 4D reflectors (Patent Pending)
  • Military-grade waterproof breather (Regulates pressure inside the bar while keeping moisture out)
  • Includes plug & play wiring harness with switch, waterproof DT connectors and mounting hardware
  • Waterproof and weatherproof heavy-duty aluminum housing, Impact resistant PC Lens. Designed for extreme conditions.
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