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Dana 35/Dana 44 Conversion Beam Brackets

Dana 35/Dana 44 Conversion Beam Brackets

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These brackets were developed to allow vehicles equipped with the Dana 35 TTB, to convert to the full size Dana 44 TTB. They also feature a second pivot location to allow the use of Dana 35 TTB's.

The entire weld it yourself kit contains 20 pieces. 16 pieces are laser cut, .25" steel that are keyed and interlock, and four, 0.125" thick shims are included in this kit. They can be MIG or TIG welded. Minimal beveling is required for proper weld penetration and fitment, and a few simple bend are required that can be done without a press. It is highly recommended to mock up, and fit all parts on the vehicle. 

Pivot points are very close to the factory location, these are not drop down brackets, or intended to be used as a lift kit.

1-2 Week Lead Time

Professional installation, and welding is required.

For Offroad Use Only

Now available in 4130 Chromoly!

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