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3 Bolt to 6 Bolt Steering Wheel Adapter

3 Bolt to 6 Bolt Steering Wheel Adapter

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Get your rig dialed in with our new 3 bolt to 6 bolt steering wheel adapter. Designed with the typical adapter issues in mind, we eliminated all of those to give a perfect base for your steering controls. These units are developed around a GT Grant 3 bolt adapter. That way you can run this on any spline count or shaft shape steering shaft for most common vehicles. 

- CAD designed

- CNC machined from 6061 aluminum

- 2.5" distance from flange base to steering wheel base

- .75" bottom counter bore depth to capsulate spline adapter

- 4" bottom inside diameter to clear most clock springs to maintain wheel controls

- Offset base to wheel bolt pattern to maintain a centered wheel after install

- Internal .375" feed hole for wire routing to and from steering wheel

- (2) machined grooves on wheel mating surface at the "10 and 2 o'clock" positions for clean wire routing

- Manufactured by CookCraft Motorsports

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